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Sky Soaring Robots simply SkyRob is meeting needs of serious F5J competition pilots

What is on the offer? :

top quality gliders , MKS servos -only HV , KST servos only HV , folding propellers Aero-Naut,  RF, GM,  servo frames - for any servos.

Electric motors Scorpion, Leopard, Reisenauer planetary gearboxes, RF spinners turbo, folding prop spinners, GRP and CFRP spinners of large sizes.

Electronic for ALES as , Multi 2, Altis V4+ and also complete telemetery for F3B, F3J, F5J, large scale models  for plesure flying or serious training.


Adamek Stork

Gliding competitions are popular it is collective fun with art to stay aloft with rising air. Since FAI introduced new
categories as F5J many manufacturers started to produce high quality of sailplanes/gliders with E modifications.
Popularity for E flying grows rapidly and steady from 2010.  Best growth of F5J category is in EU where professional
sailplane model companies competing to produce Lightest models to perform ideally in thermals stiffest wings
construction to handle turbulence and special design air-foils to penetrate wind. 
This models are generally made from hi tech materials with closely guarded technological know-how. 
One manufacturer from EU got my attention with his new technological approach that stands out from competition,
This Model is from company HEINRICH and name is STORK and Scorpion 
STORK X6 E  is competition sailplane that has unique construction of wings, the same as F3J STORK that is capable
to handle strong pull or winch starts and hard flying. 
Robust construction of wing triple levels of carbon fibre woven textile gives impressive look and robust strength.
Flying STORK X is experience on its own , easy predictable pilot friendly , yet pushed - carves air as Samurai sword
with NO wing twisting under the load or heat, competitions flyers know what I’m talking about